Not from hardy stock

Since moving to Scotland less than three months ago, I’ve had three colds. Or possibly four. One of them lasted about three weeks, and the kid had two distinct colds in that time (he’s been sick a lot too, but this is about me), so it may have been two colds. But it really just felt like one endless cold.

Now I have a sinus infection. I guess I have all those colds to blame. My face hurts. (Cue my dad: “Did you say your face hurts? Well, it’s killing me!” Ha ha ha.) It hurts to move my head. Also to listen to a screaming toddler. Unfortunately I can’t do much about either of those things.

I’m not looking for sympathy. Ok, that’s a lie, I’m totally looking for sympathy.

I usually get my fair share of colds each winter – but it’s summer. I have been forced to confront the possibility that Scotland is making me sick.

On the bright side, I still love the NHS. The antibiotics they prescribed me the other day (which were free) seem to be kicking in at last. So I may not be sick for much longer. But I’m sure I will be again soon.


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