We’ve been living in the new place for nearly two weeks.

We have unpacked almost all of our boxes. That feels great.

I found my supply of XL t-shirts yesterday, so last night I was able to sleep with my belly covered for the first time in weeks.

I also found the kid’s train, the one he has been asking for roughly once a day since we left San Francisco.

I discovered that although the movers wrapped individual plastic cups in three layers of paper, they tossed some lovely, very old, very delicate beaded purses – unwrapped – into the bottom of a box full of picture frames and Legos. I should be grateful that nothing else seems to be broken. But I am not.

Those are just the latest additions to our list of things-that-need-to-be-fixed around here. All fairly minor. But long. (Example: the previous owners, while very nice people, seem to have taken a single screw out of every doorknob in the flat. So they have a tendency to fall off. Especially at 4 am, when I’m trying to make it to the bathroom without turning on any lights because the light wakes me up. Of course, so does the thud of a bronze doorknob hitting the floor.)

We still have NO INTERNET. Now, iPhones are great, but are perhaps not the most useful tools for finding, say, a hardware store that sells headless screws that fit in doorknobs. (Hint: none of them.)

But. The paint colors look really, really good.


4 thoughts on “Unpacking

  1. Liz

    Dead Salmon? ;)

    Was thinking about you recently, talking to a friend that lives near Blackford Hill.

    Sorry to hear about the purses. I told you about the broken picture frame in one of my boxes, didn’t I? The one that the un-packing company explained racially? :P

    Hope most of your stuff is fine. :)

    1. lifebeginsatzero Post author

      Ha, I thought of you when I saw there were also picture frames in that box! Poorly wrapped, but intact. ;)

      So far everything else seems ok. And if anything’s missing, I wouldn’t remember it!


  2. cwreed

    Question about your previous post on applying for a setlement visa. My daughter is applying right now and wants to know if the Appendix 2 popped up on the online application or whether it was printed out, filled in by hand and mailed in with the info or came up later after the payment was submitted. thanks!

    1. lifebeginsatzero Post author

      When I filled it out earlier this year, the appendix had to be hunted down (a pop up would have been great), printed out, and mailed in with the hard copy of the main application which I’d already submitted online. Good luck to your daughter!

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