Travel, the toddler version

I guess it’s been a little while since we got back, but we had a very nice trip back to the US. Other than the no insurance thing. And the travel…

No, really, we had a great time! We sat around and did lots of nothing in Florida, but we did it in 85 degree weather. (Admittedly, we may have complained once or twice about the unrelenting heat. But we now realize the error of our ways.) Then we went to a lovely wedding in New York, saw lots of friends, and had a blast. So I’m really glad we went. Despite not knowing when I booked the trip that I’d be seven months pregnant about seven months later. (Oops.)

But oh, the travel. I had mostly blocked it out. But then the kid and I had this conversation while he was playing with his toy airplane set the other day (yes, said set was totally a bribe to get him to stay in one place in the airport for more than ten seconds, and it worked):

Kid: “Where does the luggage go?”

Me: “Well, it goes in the plane.”

Kid: “It won’t fit.”

Me: “Ok, then where do you think it goes?”

Kid: “You wait for it in the airport for hours and hours, and then you bring it home.”

Yeah, pretty much. Let’s just say the easy part of our trip – the flight that required no changes of time zone or immigration lines – involved a five hour flight delay. A new baby is a good excuse to have people just come visit us for the next couple of years, right?

(On that note: we now have multiple (non-inflatable!) sleeping surfaces for all ages, a box room that is only partially filled with boxes, and even real rooms that small children can easily be relocated out of. Visitors are welcome! Especially if 1) you bring Cheerios and 2) I don’t have to get on a plane.)


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