Stirling Castle

We went to Stirling Castle on Saturday. It’s a lovely castle. Unfortunately I don’t have any photos from our trip, because my phone is completely full. Mainly of pictures of the spouse making our screaming ten week old baby walk around corners. Also of classy shots like this one.


Wait, let me zoom that in for you.

intersection zoom

So yeah, no castle pictures. It’s a shame, because it was a day to remember. The baby’s at that great stage where if she’s in her stroller, she’s asleep. The kid’s at that great stage where he runs around yelling about how happy he is and photobombing everyone he sees holding up a camera. (I may be the only person in Scotland who doesn’t have any pictures of him from that day.) Also it didn’t rain much. We were there for more than two hours, and both kids slept in the car on the way home. So by all measures that I currently use, the trip was a rousing success.

Also, it was free. We joined Historic Scotland last summer. We’ve been to Edinburgh Castle three times, Stirling Castle once, and a few other local castles too. Our membership has already paid for itself almost twice over. And since we never really know in advance whether we’ll be staying for hours or needing to leave much sooner than anticipated, it’s especially nice that each individual visit is free. (Yeah, I know it’s technically prepaid, but it’s the same subjective experience.)


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